1. Open Data Resource

At IRODaT we want to make open data more accessible, open and free, and not subject to copyright restrictions. We therefore aim to facilitate the work of governments, journalists, scientific research, publications, organisations and the general public.

2. Availability and accessibility

IRODaT makes readily available to anyone interested in the subject all the information collected, and facilitates its use by downloading some materials via the internet and other channels.

3. Official Reporters

The IRODaT community is a big network of health experts involved in organ donation and in the transplantation process worldwide. IRODaT statistics come from official reporters, most of whom are members of National Transplant Organisations and Ministries of health.

4. Transparency and verification

IRODaT data are verified and transparent. Such transparency is not inconsistent with shielding from public access information. Verification is made by experts and official reporters.

5. Universal participation

In the International Registry of Organ Donation and Transplantation, we want all the IRODaT community members to submit their feedback and through social networks, to interact with each other, thus encouraging a fluid scientific communication that promotes scientific research on organ donation and transplantation .

6. IRODaT International Advisor Committee

Allan R. Glanville MBBS, MD, FRACP

Director Thoracic Medicine, St. Vincent's Hospital
Medical Director Lung Transplantation, St. Vincent's Hospital
President International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation 2013-2014
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Antoine Stephan, MD

Vice-President, National Organization for Organ & Tissues Donation and Transplantation
Clinical Professor of Nephrology, LAU
Member of Organ Procurement Committee, MESOT
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Danica Avsec, MD

Director of Institute for Transplantation of Organs and Tissues of the Republic of Slovenia- Slovenija-Transplant Omega Replica

Juntaro Ashikari, M.S.

Chief Coordinator
Director, Medical Headquarters
Japan Organ Transplant Network

Susan Gunderson, MHA

Chief Executive Officer, LifeSource
Upper Midwest Organ Procurement Organization, Inc.
St. Paul, Minnesota

Valter Duro Garcia, MD

Editor of Brazilian Transplant Registry
Chief Kidney Transplant Service
Irmandade da Santa Casa de Miseric�rdia de Porto Alegre

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